Organisation Development Support is a full-service consultancy working with European and international non-profit organisations to achieve greater impact.

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Our services

  • Organisational Support & Strategy

    Deciding on a strategy and finding the best way to succeed with it are among the most important challenges facing any organisation. Are we delivering on our promises; are we going where we need to go; does our message get across; is our fundraising up to scratch; have we sufficiently mapped our risks; are we recruiting the right people and can we retain them?

    The answers to such questions are rarely obvious, especially when dealing with numerous actors; stakeholders, decision-makers and other influencers. ODS is well placed to guide organisations past these challenges. We advise on a range of strategic matters, Read more »

  • Assessments & Evaluations

    For grantmakers, assessing or evaluating an organisation is a delicate matter. Most organisations offering grants wish to support a cause, rather than criticise its advocates or intrude in the day to day business. At the same time, being assessed or evaluated can be daunting for any grant-receiving organisation. Outsiders with limited previous knowledge of their culture may come in and pass judgement, upon which future funding could depend.

    ODS takes a different view: rather than being a liability for the organisation, serious and thorough assessments and evaluations are an opportunity to review their results and working methods. Therefore, we point out successes as well as inconsistencies Read more »

  • Interim & Change Management

    Driving a process of change, whether prompted by deliberate decisions or external circumstances, requires a significant amount of energy as well as specific expertise. Organisations must be kept running while solutions are being debated or new staff are being found. Sometimes outside assistance is necessary in order to successfully implement a vision for the future.

    In these and many other instances, ODS can be temporarily enlisted on an interim basis, and relied on to quickly take the necessary measures while ensuring continuity and a smooth transition.This includes bringing staff and stakeholders on board with the new direction; an essential element in any transition.  Read more »

  • Coaching

    The burden placed on CSO leaders can be enormous. Under difficult financial circumstances and with modest tools at their disposal, they need to find ways to make different people from all over the world work productively together. They must simultaneously articulate and maintain a strategy for success, act as the organisation’s face to the outside world, and answer to various stakeholders such as member organisations or a board.

    ODS’ Founder, Hans Wolters, has many years of experience as a Director of various CSOs in Brussels, London and Geneva. Within ODS, he is responsible for coaching Read more »

  • Communications, Advocacy & Lobbying

    No meaningful impact can be expected from an organisation that is inaudible or invisible. Therefore, communications must be a fully integrated part of any organisation’s operation. ODS strongly believes that, to achieve this in any significant way, all communications should be founded in the ideas and accumulated knowledge of the organisation.

    Influencing decision-makers or changing (public) opinion is likewise only possible if a message and the delivery of that message are aligned. Shaping public agendas and Read more »

  • Boards & Governance

    Well-functioning boards are indispensable. At the same time, the very nature of an international organisation can make it difficult for a board to function properly.

    Pressure from member organisations, and the reality of dealing with different countries, interest groups and individuals within the organisation, can prevent a board from focusing on its main role of providing strategic advice and structural oversight.

    ODS has restructured boards, helped organisations find the right board members, and has made explicit the position and role of the different bodies within an organisation. Read more »

  • Training, Workshops & Retreats

    Retreats and workshops serve two purposes: offering staff a break from the office routine, and using the change of scenery to work on team building and garner valuable new insights from everyone involved. Likewise, conferences and round tables can be great opportunities to showcase an organisation’s expertise, while providing unique networking possibilities.

    In order to streamline activities, solve existing issues and improve team spirit, ODS is able to organise an event tailored to the specific needs of a team or organisation. During the event, we quickly analyse the existing issues and immediately start work with staff and management in order to reach agreement on desirable changes or solutions.  Read more »

  • HR & Recruitment

    The quality of an organisation depends on the quality of its staff. Every vacancy or temporary replacement represents an opportunity to bring on board new skills and strengthen the organisation. Recruitment can also serve as a marketing tool by conveying a positive image of the organisation and treating candidates respectfully.

    This is one of the reasons why ODS makes a point to combine thorough and rigorous selection procedures with extensive feedback to applicants. In addition to providing assistance throughout the recruitment process -from drafting a job description to signing the contract- we also advise organisations on issues relating to remuneration, diversity, personal relations, team Read more »

  • Integrated Services

    At ODS we strongly believe that regularly reviewing day-to-day operations considerably increases output, as it allows an organisation to improve processes and procedures wherever possible. We also believe in the cumulative benefits of applying an outsider’s perspective from time to time.

    Clients who agree and find that they require different types of services during the year might therefore benefit from a long-term working relationship with us. This would allow us to integrate advice and assistance in such a way that our input becomes even more effective.  Read more »

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  • Hans Wolters; Founding Partner

    Organisational Development & Executive Coaching

    Hans Wolters is an organisational development expert with an extensive track record in successfully managing international organisations and complex international projects. Read more »

  • Hanneke de Bode; Policy Researcher

    European Affairs, Diversity & Gender

    Hanneke de Bode is a European Affairs Specialist with a solid track record in public and social purpose organisations. She is an expert in internal governance Read more »

  • Wouter de Iongh; Partner

    Media, Communications & Strategy

    Wouter de Iongh is has a law degree from the University of Amsterdam, and has extensive organisational development experience. Read more »

  • Veronika Horvath; Senior Consultant

    Evaluations and Research

    In the Summer of 2015, Veronika Horvath joined ODS as a senior consultant. Veronika has experience in conducting ongoing and ex-post evaluations and policy analysis Read more »

  • Anna Cesari; Junior Consultant

    Project management and (financial) administration

    At the beginning of 2016, Anna Cesari joined ODS as a Project Manager. She is responsible for operational aspects of various projects and supports (financial) administration Read more »

  • Federico Ercolano; Junior Consultant

    Federico Ercolano joined ODS as Junior Consultant in the summer of 2016. He is responsible for technical analysis and data management. He also provides project support in research Read more »


Brexit and EU not-for-profits; an overview

shutterstock_151081208 (1)Many questions have arisen about the possible consequences of a Brexit for the not-for-profit (NGOs, CSOs, Trade Unions, Educational Establishments) sector. Although it is way too early to provide answers, the questions we have heard so far give an indication of the most important issues at stake.

Obviously, the consequences of a Brexit will be most acutely felt in the UK’s not-for-profit sector itself, Read more »

Depicting Women

shutterstock_128170001Those of us who read serious papers and magazines cannot have missed the fact that, in spite of progress being made on all kinds of fronts, women rarely represent more than a third of those pictured. And if they are represented in those pages, they are often portrayed as side-kicks or props instead of as actors in their own right or mistresses of their destiny. White men in suit and tie, apparently, are half of what the real world is about. The other half seems to be about men doing sports. Depicting real women seems of little concern. Read more »

A new EU: challenges for civil society

shutterstock_142380001When cycling around Brussels’ Schuman Square – something to be done with great care – a building-size banner with portraits of the new European Commissioners, looks down on you from the EC headquarters. The new Juncker team presents itself to the public, accompanied by a clear message: ‘a New Start for Europe’.

So, what is new in Europe? A brand new Commission and Parliament of course, but also new ambitions, work programmes and political realities. A good moment therefore, to reflect Read more »