European Foundation Centre


As a leading platform for philanthropy in Europe, the European Foundation Centre (EFC) works to strengthen the sector and make the case for institutional philanthropy as a formidable means of effecting change. EFC believes in the unique, crucial and timely role of institutional philanthropy in meeting the critical challenges societies face. EFC works closely with its members, a dynamic network of strategically-minded philanthropic organisations from more than 30 countries to:

Foster peer-learning by surfacing the expertise and experience embedded in the sector; Enhance collaboration by connecting people for inspiration and joint action; Represent philanthropy for favourable policy and regulatory environments; Build a solid evidence base through knowledge and intelligence and Raise the visibility of philanthropy’s value and impact.

ODS was asked to facilitate one of the sessions at the Disability Funders Forum in November 2019, with a focus on impact measurement and with the purpose of guiding funders in developing relevant impact metrics.