The King Baudouin Foundation


The King Baudouin Foundation’s mission is to contribute to a better society. The Foundation is an actor for change and innovation, serving the public interest and increasing social cohesion in Belgium and Europe. It seeks to maximize impact by strengthening the capacity of organisations and individuals. It also stimulates effective philanthropy by individuals and corporations. The Foundation’s key values are integrity, transparency, pluralism, independence, respect for diversity, and promoting solidarity.

ODS was contracted to support the Marriage migration project to help the executing organisations make their projects a success through the process of evaluation. In this approach, the executing organisations and projects were expected to benefit from the external advice provided by ODS, and KBF would in the future be able to recommend certain methodologies that have been proven to work by research and experience. The evaluation paid attention to the process of the projects, their success and lessons learnt, their content as well as their results.