The Ex’tax Project Foundation is an independent think tank striving towards an update of our tax systems to combat global challenges, such as climate disruption, resource supply risks and unemployment. The Ex’tax Project focuses on opportunities to increase taxes on resources and pollution, and using the revenues to lower the tax burden on labour and invest in social impact. The concept of Ex’tax is based on the legacy of the Dutch entrepreneur Eckart Wintzen (1939-2008).

C&A Foundation is a corporate foundation that aspires to a fair and sustainable fashion industry in which everyone can thrive. The Foundation works to address deeply rooted sustainability challenges of the industry by supporting initiatives, and by partnering with key stakeholders to maximise results. One of these stakeholders is the Ex´tax project, to which C&A Foundation is a partner/funder.

In this capacity, C&A Foundation commissioned ODS to take Ex´tax through an organisational assessment and development planning process. This included an organisational capacity assessment of the organisation, including a self-assessment which would feed into an organisational development plan.