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Our approach is built on understanding the organisation, its people and their work, and facilitating a collaborative process to assess the needs of an organisation and its capacity to absorb change.

In addition to providing longer-term support in change or organisational strengthening processes, ODS also supports clients with more specific issues pertaining to their organisation.

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Those of us who read serious papers and magazines cannot have missed the fact that, in spite of progress being made on all kinds of fronts, women rarely represent more than a third of those picture

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Many civil society organisations that support a secretariat at EU level, face recurring difficulties with respect to their internal communications.



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A case study of anti-racism organisations in Brussels

Life is not getting any easier for many non profit organisations in Brussels. Financial problems due to the economic crisis, the change towards more project driven EU funding, increased scrutiny by the media and the general public are among the many challenges facing EU NGO’s.