Tropenbos International


Tropenbos International (TBI) is a non -governmental non-profit organisation. It was created in 1986 as a Dutch response to increasing concerns about the disappearance and degradation of tropical rain forests worldwide.Over the years, TBI has established itself as an important platform for the forest and development agenda, both in developing countries and internationally. It has built a reputation for improving knowledge and personal and institutional capacity in order to support better management and governance of tropical forest resources in a range of programme countries. With the support of the Government of the Netherlands, TBI has achieved a respected position on tropical forest issues. As a knowledge broker and a platform for discussion, TBI supports forest dialogue and development in the common interest of developing countries and the Netherlands.

To prepare TBI for a period beyond 2016, the TBI General Board decided to establish autonomous national legal entities in partner countries replacing the current TBI country programmes. A major step in this process is to transform or replace TBI's country programmes with legally autonomous national organisations (LAOs). ODS was contracted by TBI to support and follow up the LAO Transformation process, provide advice to TBI and its leadership during this process and facilitate discussions or conduct interviews as needed.