Villa Pinedo


Villa Pinedo is a Foundation supporting young people from separated parents. These young people are between the ages of 14 and 26, and they work on all fronts of the Foundation. They give advice to children through forums and write blogs to share their experience with fellow youth. They also answer questions at the parent forum and give face-to-face workshops to various parents for various agencies. They make adults aware of the heart of children with divorced parents and how children deal with divorce.

In collaboration with Villa Pinedo, we developed a three-year strategic plan for the organisation in 2015, after which we conducted a follow-up. This follow-up involved converting the strategic plan into a project proposal that could be used for fundraising purposes; supporting Villa Pinedo in its recruitment process and providing advice on the implementation of the strategic plan.

Villa Pinedo is now preparing for a new strategic vision and ODS is supporting the organisation to analyse the strategic choices made in the last few years and examine the choices for the coming years.