Call for expressions of interest in a Partner position at ODS

Consultants for the non-profit sector

ODS - a Brussels consultancy working exclusively with the nonprofit sector - is looking for a new partner/ co-owner, as one of the founders of ODS will be leaving the company in early 2020. We expect our new colleague to have an entrepreneurial spirit as well as business acumen, a  deep understanding of civil society and its interaction with decision-makers and donors, as well as extensive management experience. As co-owner and executive partner, s/he will work closely with ODS’ second partner and the other team members to bring ODS to its next level. 

About ODS

The people at ODS form a professional team of experts in Organisational Development, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning, Strategy Development & Advice, Interim & Change Management and Process Facilitation, working exclusively for the nonprofit sector. This growing team of 9 is based in a very pleasant office on the edge of the European Quarter in Brussels, but works world-wide. We are organised in a non-hierarchical way with a strong team spirit, and all our team members have previously worked in the sector.

Our vision is a civil society achieving greater impact, contributing  actively, effectively and efficiently to achieve peaceful, democratic, green and fair communities. In everything we do, we aim to achieve that by helping civil society think, strategise and organise, work effectively together in teams and networks, and campaign, advocate or lobby. 

Over the past seven years, ODS has grown steadily and our methods, research and experience have developed over time. Currently, we have in place a full array of tools and approaches that we tailor to the needs of the project at hand, always departing from an understanding not only of what the issues are but who the organisation and its people are. 

This has resulted in a strong portfolio of varied and interesting clients and projects, from grassroots organisations to global INGO networks, working across a range of areas including in peace-building, climate crisis, development, human rights, social justice and many more. 

For more information on our current team, work and clients, please visit

At the same time, we are looking to renew. As the not-for-profit sector operates in a rapidly changing environment, a crucial challenge it faces is to turn change into opportunity while remaining true to the ambitions for a better world. As a consultancy team, we need to ensure that we remain creative and innovate as well, so that  we continue to offer our clients relevant services. This is true for what we offer but also for the way we work and organise ourselves.

Profile of our new partner

We are looking for a dynamic, creative, entrepreneurial individual with ideas and ideals who can help us develop further in this important moment for ODS. We are open to a variety of profiles but are especially interested in:

  • Deep understanding of the not-for-profit sector
  • A track-record in business development
  • Political interest and understanding
  • Strong management experience
  • Substantial knowledge of, and interest in, operational issues, including in HR, Team Management  and Project Management 
  • Financial management, budgeting and financial reporting experience
  • Thematic or content expertise and skills relevant to our (future) clients


In addition, we expect:

  • A willingness to be flexible and committed as regards their time investment
  • A team player attitude  in order to collaborate well with the rest of the team
  • A commitment to the progressive values we share with our clients as well as the strong will to support them in achieving their mission
  • Ability to work in a dynamic, sometimes chaotic environment which is rarely dull but occasionally stressful
  • A drive to innovate, iterate and co-design our tools, approaches and organisation
  • An entrepreneurial mindset

Expressions of interest

Our new partner should be willing to make a commitment to acquire a number of shares in our company. The extent, timing and form of this commitment as well as the working conditions will be subject to discussions between the right candidate and ODS. In any case, ODS not only offers only a business opportunity but a pleasant work environment, the opportunity to shape our future and to support our clients achieve their important missions.

Interested candidates can send us a CV/LinkedIn link and a short letter or video explaining their interest, or could give one of the partners a call for more information or to schedule a personal meeting.

We hope to fill this position in early 2020 but earlier if possible. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the end of November 2019.