Organisational strengthening

Our approach is built on understanding the organisation, its people and their work, and facilitating a collaborative process to assess the needs of an organisation and its capacity to absorb change. This knowledge will lead to the development of an Organisational Roadmap or change plan, in which actions are sequenced and planned realistically. Together with regular evaluation of progress and adjusting the process if necessary, this constitutes an effective iterative approach to organisational development. Finally, we strongly believe in looking at organisational effectiveness in a comprehensive way, meaning finding the connections and sometimes disconnect between governance, management, HR, internal procedures, (digital) infrastructure, strategy and learning, and internal communications. This will allow the change to be effective, the process to be more efficient and the organisational effectiveness more sustainable. 


ODS provides:

  • Design of organisational strengthening processes
  • Change management
  • Organisational Roadmaps
  • Organisational strengthening support