Organisational services

In addition to providing longer-term support in change or organisational strengthening processes, ODS also supports clients with more specific issues pertaining to their organisation. All these services can be provided independently, combined or as part of a longer-term engagement. As every organisation is unique and is facing unique challenges, the combination of services best suited to the organisation in question is discussed at or before the start of a project. 

ODS Provides:

  • Governance: revising Articles of Association and Internal Rules; supporting boards and good governance, realising the proper separation of governance and management and optimising interaction;
  • Structure & HR: rebalancing tasks and positions, redrafting the organisation chart, defining Senior Management positions and powers, HR policies, remuneration practices, recruitment;
  • Efficiency & Effectiveness: theory of change, work programmes, intended results and the reality on the ground, risk assessment and risk management;
  • Income & Expenditure: budgeting for success, rebalancing budget lines, fundraising strategies and diversifying sources of income, annual reports;
  • Communications: internal and external, aligning purpose and practice, integrating communications work into work programmes and activities
  • Infrastructure: advising on collaboration platforms, communication tools, information management and office environment