Here we publish information on our work, share insights and bring you up to speed with some of the internal developments at ODS. We do this in blog posts, articles or lists, but only when we think it might be of interest to others as well. In the course of our work, ODS occasionally also produces Documents & Reports that are not confidential yet perhaps interesting for an interested public working in civil society. We will publish such documents here as well, after explicit permission from our client.
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Corruption is a complex phenomenon costing an estimated 5% of global GDP, according to the World

Many questions have arisen about the possible consequences of a Brexit for the not-for-profit (NGOs, CSOs, Trade Unions, Educational Establishments) sector.

Our newly published NGO Capacity Catalogue, a co-production between ODS and Kumquat Consult, addresses the needs of civil society organisations operating in the European Union and its neighbouring

Those of us who read serious papers and magazines cannot have missed the fact that, in spite of progress being made on all kinds of fronts, women rarely represent more than a third of those picture

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On the basis of our work with anti-racism organisations in Brussels, we have drafted a report with the lessons that migration, refugee, anti-racism and discrimination organisations have learned in

Many civil society organisations that support a secretariat at EU level, face recurring difficulties with respect to their internal communications.