OD and M&E Consultancy Collaborations

Call for Collaborators

ODS is seeking to develop partnerships with experts - from junior to executive level - motivated to support civil society actors together with us. ODS has expertise across a  number of thematic areas (outlined below) and works with a wide range of civil society clients.

About ODS

ODS is a consultancy team working exclusively for the non-profit sector, based in Brussels but working world-wide. Our vision is to see a world in which civil society contributes actively, effectively and efficiently to achieve peaceful, democratic, green and fair communities. ODS aims to help civil society align its vision, mission, resources and activities to tackle broad policy and practical problems, in order to achieve greater impact. At ODS, we are all value-driven and all have a background working in the nonprofit sector.

We see every project we take on as an opportunity to strengthen civil society, and to contribute to the goals of the organisation in the short, mid- and long term. We maintain a flexible attitude to accommodate for the organisation’s needs, and the challenges and opportunities that arise along the road of our collaboration. We build on the strengths and identity of the organisation, with the aim of increasing an organisation’s resilience in rapidly changing contexts. We do this through our four main practice areas: Organisational Development; Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning; Strategy; Facilitation & Tools.


Over the years, ODS has developed an extensive portfolio of clients and a deep expertise in a range of organisational aspects nonprofits are faced with today. As our expertise and project list grows, we are seeking to collaborate with others to implement our projects and expand our skillset.

At the same time, we are looking to renew ourselves. The non-profit sector operates in a rapidly changing environment. A crucial challenge it faces is to turn change into opportunity, while remaining true to the ambitions for a better world it seeks to achieve. As a consultancy team supporting non-profits, we need to ensure we continue to offer relevant services reflecting those changes. Therefore we would welcome new creative partnerships and innovative approaches which can help us develop these new ideas.

Technical expertise

ODS leverages its methodological expertise and experience across a variety of thematic domains in which nonprofits are active. At times we seek collaboration with individuals and organisations with proven technical expertise in areas such as 

  • Digital rights

  • Healthcare and Women’s health in particular

  • Education

  • Gender 

  • Humanitarian and development programming, 

  • Human rights

  • Labour and the Future of Work

  • Agriculture, water and food security

  • Environment and Climate. 

We welcome collaborations around specific topics in these or other areas.


In addition to this thematic expertise, we seek individuals or teams with the following profiles: 

  • Technical expertise in the areas of advocacy and campaigning, 

  • Interim and change management

  • Financial Management & Business Development

  • Project Management

  • Technical expertise in a multitude of consulting methods, ranging from collective reflection processes to quantitative surveying; using visuals and analogue as well as digital tools

  • Experience working in Belgian and Dutch civil society, and familiarity with policies in Belgium and the Netherlands impacting on civil society actors

  • Experience working in European civil society, and solid knowledge of European policies impacting on civil society actors

  • Geographic and language expertise, with priority on working experience in Africa and MENA, and mastering French and/or Dutch, writing included.

We are looking for individuals or organisation who are able to critically reflect on any issues we are presented with. They should be able to develop and leverage new methods and knowledge about organisations, to further the interest of our non-profit clients. We value independent thinking and ability to work autonomously but are convinced that collaborations between diverse individuals and teams, generate important insights as well. Finally, as a consultancy we need to have an entrepreneurial mindset which is why we are looking for collaborators who are not afraid to take initiative, use their creativity and be innovative. 


Now working with 6 members of staff and 3 partners, ODS is considering a variety of options in terms of its own future organisational set-up. We welcome Expressions of Interest from established teams and organisations, as well as from individual experts. We look forward to discussing and identifying opportunities for collaboration with interested parties.

We will be considering candidates on a rolling basis, and will close this call by 25th of August 2019.

If you are interested, please send your expression of interest to:


For more information, please contact Kaat Boon: kboon@odsupport.eu​​​​​​​